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Your woods site

About us - Our History Your woods site, company with 18 years of trayectory in Republic Argentine.

 To turn referring of our clients, offering the best customized attention to us.


 To make articles of quality to right prices, always taking care of the necessities of our clients.

The beginning of the way ...

 In later year 1991 from the idea-project of its founders, months to journey begin our history with the opening of our commercial site, with the approach put in the production and commercialization of material openworks to size made in manifold.

 By the end of the 90 ...

 From he himself beginning of the project was having a special idea, we talked about to the production of Table tennis (Ping Pong) family level. With passing of the time we were designing new models of the same ones, more attractive and aesthetically extremely functional, being recognized by the reached quality, having innumerable clients and friends very satisfied who enjoy long hours of happy playing.

At the present time and towards the future ...

 At beginnings of the 2007 we also expanded to other familiar and commercial games of hall, with Soccer Tables.
 By the end of the 2008 we designed and we patented the Pool table Magic Dream® with innovating characteristics at international level.


 2009 Begining to export ...

 At the beginning of the 2009 we were in a period of transition, with plans of expansion of our manufactured capacity to thus take care of the national demand level like also the increasing international interest in our products.

We designed and we patented the Table Tenis professional level MATCH V5® with innovating characteristics at international level.

Our objectives are:
permanent innovation,
securing of quality and security according to the European and American respective norms,
manufacture and delivery in real time